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    The ATP is an international regulation, also implemented in Italy, which governs the transport of goods under a controlled temperature regime. A.T.P. (Accord Trasport Perissable) is the Italian acronym for "Agreement for the transport of perishable goods and special vehicles to be used for these transports". The ATP regulation is the result of a European agreement signed in 1970 by some States, including Italy, which imposes certain rules in the construction of isothermal equipment for refrigerated refrigerated transport intended for the transport of perishable food at a controlled temperature, certain requirements for users and the procedures for their respective controls.

    It took on a legislative nature in 1977 and, from September 1984, the competence was assigned to the then Ministry of Transport and Navigation (current MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT), which will carry out the technical testing checks through the Provincial M.C.T.C. (current D.T.T. - Land Transport Department), while the health and hygiene aspect remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, through the A.S.L. The ATP standard prescribes types of perishable foods to be transported under a controlled temperature regime and the temperatures at which refrigerated and refrigerated transport must be carried out. These limits are in line with those set by the Ministry of Health (Presidential Decree No. 327/1980 and Ministerial Decree 12.10.81).

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    The adhesive abbreviations show the A.T.P. obtained for that particular vehicle, the month and year of expiry. The classifications are given in point 6. These assign a class to the means of transport which must be suitable for the type of products to be transported.
    The main classifications that an isothermal or refrigerated body can obtain are the following:

    When the initials A.T.P. they are accompanied by the letter X means that the isothermal means of transport is equipped with a non-autonomous refrigeration unit.


    • drinking milk
    • partially dehydrated concentrated milk
    • fermented milk intended for heat stabilization
    • flavored milk
    • pasteurized milk
    • milk-based drinks
    • milk creams
    • blood intended for the production of plasma proteins
    • butter
    • liquid anhydrous butter (half a heater)
    • fresh meat
    • frozen meats
    • fresh fish products
    • ricotta
    • all frozen and deep-frozen foods (including ice cream, fruit juices, shelled eggs)
    • offal, poultry, game, edible molluscs, lame flocks
    • fresh cheeses

    ATP lost

    In the case of the A.T.P. original has been lost, stolen or accidentally destroyed, it will be necessary to request a DUPLICATE from the provincial office of the competent Motor Vehicle Authority.

    This operation, the service of which we are able to offer, requires a report of the loss of this document to be made at any Police or Carabinieri station, indicating the following:

    The undersigned ……………………. (indicate the personal details, such as name, surname, date and place of birth and place of residence) declares to have lost in place .................... and date .................. (which can also be called " unspecified ") the ATP certificate n…. (*) ………… valid until …… (*) ……… .. (indicate the expiry date) relating to the vehicle brand …………………………… registered ……………… ……… in the name of ………………………………… ..x

    (*) these two indications will be shown only if there is a copy of the A.T.P. lost. With these indications the duplicate will be made easier. The loss report must be accompanied by a photocopy of the lost ATP (if possible) and a photocopy of the vehicle registration certificate.

    How to recognize an ATP vehicle?

    The vehicle during circulation must have the following characteristics:

    Be in possession of an ATP certificate compliant with as an example .

    This certificate must indicate the following basic data:

    • Vehicle identification (license plate and chassis)
    • Classification (FRC, FNA, IN,…)
    • Owner or user
    • Data relating to the box body and any refrigeration unit
    • Expiry

    The document must be signed by a competent DMV official and must be this "embossed stamp" (logotype) to guarantee authenticity

    • Be marked with stickers showing the class of assignment and future expiration of places in the upper extremity of the right and left sides of the vehicles
    • Manufacturer's plate and that of any renewal


    Driving on the road with vehicles that do not comply with the legislation, you are in breach of the Highway Code.

    The main cases of infringements are the following:

    Loss or lack for other reasons of the A.T.P. of the vehicle during transit (Art. 180 paragraph 7/8)

    A.T.P. expired, that is, failure to test the A.T.P. (Art. 80 paragraph 14 / Art. 216 paragraph 1)

    Unauthorized circulation, in the period in which the document is withdrawn (Art. 216 paragraph 6)

    Abbreviations A.T.P. missing or non-compliant (Article 72 paragraph 9)


    Starting from the construction date of the isothermal vehicle, the A.T.P. it is valid for 6 years.

    In the 6th and 9th and 12th years the renewal can be carried out at our testing center for another 3 years (renewal by an expert).

    Upon reaching 15 years of life, the renewal of the A.T.P. it becomes the exclusive competence of the state testing centers that we can still present for you by giving you all the necessary assistance. This renewal has a duration of 6 years, but involves much higher costs and requires isothermal cells kept in good condition. We are able to follow the final ATP booking and release phase.

    For this type of test it is necessary to book well in advance.